Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Recently discovered in the ruins beneath the ruins of what was once the great civilization of Serus Arx comes a rare glimpse into an ancient time when the sun was red and Dearth nearly died.

The Many Deaths of Jericho Steel
Excerpt 1

      As a fighter since birth and a soldier, I was no stranger to the horrors of death. After the loss of both my brother and my left eye, I thought I had seen it all. Even the darkest Kaijani trickery could not have prepared me for the things I would encounter as I set out to seek my fortune and spread my legacy.
      After a few days on the road, I stopped to rest and resupply in the town of Ongas. It was an exciting day in Ongas. A child had been born that day. A special child according to those in the local tavern. One who could change the world. I don't know about that, but the boy certainly had a hand in shaping my destiny. Further excitement was stirred when an old man stumbled into the tavern raving about a mysterious portal that would open in the mountains on that very night. This seemed to pique the interest of a few fellow travellers as well as myself. When a small group set out, I followed at a safe distance preferring my own company and not being overly trusting of strangers.
Reaching the prophesied spot, there appeared to be a triangular tear in the scenery. The travellers approached and entered and it was then I chose to reveal and enter with them so as not to miss my chance at fortune and glory. If only I had known then what I know now, i would have stayed in the tavern and gotten blind drunk. Well, half blind anyway.
      Entering the portal, I found myself in the company of an Elf, a young Wizard, a Halfling and a Druid. over time, we would become brothers in arms but this night we were strangers. The portal was like nothing I had ever seen with walls that looked like stars and glowing jewels set in the doors. It wasn't long before we were set upon by a group of odd metal soldiers and a sort of giant living statue that shot alien fire from its single eye. The soldiers were easily dispatched thanks to my skill. The giant, however, was a problem. As each of us tried desperately not to fry, the Halfling proved clever and with a bit of tinkering and the help of an Elven arrow, the giant was returned to its slumber.
Deep inside the confusing structure we encountered the demon snake Sisssaurrraggg. Instinct took over and I leapt into action as any warrior would. I was determined to vanquish this foul beast. Perhaps I acted too hastily. I soon found myself trapped in the creatures maw. Fangs pierced my chest. Venom filled my body. I thrashed and fought and tried to stab the demon with my sword, but it was no use. Soon as I was standing at the door to the great hall full of warriors who had gone before me. Even my father and brother were there to greet me. Just as we were about to share a forgiving embrace, I was awakened with a sharp gasping breath that may have sounded to some like a scream of agony. I found myself again in the portal still trapped in the mouth of the giant snake which now lay dead. The demon appeared to have been guarding an elaborate throne. Upon my extraction from the jaws of Sisssaurrraggg, I naturally took my rightful place upon said throne.
      Once seated, I along with he others am treated to astonishing visions. A golden warrior appears claiming to be Timothy the newborn from the town. He tells us that we are destined to save Dearth. That we must journey to Serus Arx and seek the Wyvern. He is interrupted by a destructive demon warrior known as the Revenant. An agent of Appolyon. He has been sent to stop us from fulfilling the destiny that Timothy has just explained. This future Timothy sacrifices himself in an attempt to hold off the Revenant long enough for us to escape the portal.
      Outside, in relative safety, none of us can quite comprehend what we have just experienced. We all agree that Timothy's claims bear further investigation. We band together and set out for Serus Arx in search of our destiny.