Sunday, July 21, 2013


I met my Destiny once
I even went so far as to make a date with Destiny
Things were going well until I found she spelled it with two e's
In that moment I had to make a difficult choice
That night, I turned my back on Destiny

Inside people

I am an inside person.  Outside is a dangerous unnecessary place.  Outside doesn't even need provocation.  If you so much as venture into outside's territory and it doesn't burn the flesh from your bones, it will send one of its minions to bite you, infect you with disease or just straight up eat your face. 
The outside has grown too powerful.  Each year,its waters inch closer trying to wash away our homes.  When that doesn't work, it sends the winds to blow them down. 
We inside people need to band together and rise up against the outside.  We need to beat it back and remind it who truly rules. 
No one needs the outside.  If you should see something that you want or need, all you have to do is pick up the phone or turn on your computer.  There are a handful of brave souls out there who will risk the dangerous conditions of outside to bring these things to you.  They are trained professionals ready for anything.  Thanks to them, there is no need for us to endanger our lives by venturing into the unforgiving realm of the outside.

Braineater: A Love Story

Why does everyone run from zombies?
what are they afraid of?
O.k., sure, no one wants to get their brains eaten. But, come on how long could it hurt for?  A couple of bites and you are dead.  Once you are dead you no longer feel the pain.  Now your dead but soon you are going to rise up a mindless zombie yourself. 
Let's face it that's all you are anyway. Staring blankly at the office wall while your hand go through the motions of your daily routine.  Sitting behind the wheel as your car drives the same familiar route back home.  The only difference is that before something ate your brain, you used to worry about everything. 
Does my wife still love me?  Will I get a promotion?  How will I pay my rent?  How can that be my kid when it looks nothing like me? 
As a zombie, you are now free. Free from worry and woe.  Free from everything that you used to complain was holding you back.  Becoming one of the walking dead is the best thing that ever happened to you. 
Next time a dirty, ragged drifter comes around begging for brains, give him a little taste.  Trust me, you'll be happier.

Brain surfing

Not making sense
Someone in my head is pushing buttons. Changing the station before anything can be tuned in clearly.
Only receiving snippets
words, sentences, even paragraphs with no relation to each other
Still I try to make them fit together
People meet my randomness with odd looks and they keep their distance
I don't mind
The fuzzy clutter in my mind is beginning to frighten me 
I try to put up a fight and resist the channel surfer in my head
I'm afraid he will take over and the mess in my head will become permanent
The barrage of flickering images and random sound bites is slowly driving me insane
I can feel myself beginning to drool

The F Word

Fear of failure
Fear of heights
Fear of loss
Fear of change
Fear of the unknown
I want to get up off of my ass and make my life better but I can't
because what if it doesn't work?
what if I fall?
there is no safety net
The fall will never end
I will spiral into darkness for eternity

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Post Apocalypse #2

     Slept through the night for the first time in, I can't remember how long.  No sounds of battle or death or strange creatures lurking about to startle me awake at regular intervals.
     I'm beginning to think that the danger has passed.  I am afraid to let myself believe it.  I still cannot bring myself to venture outside.  Through the cracks in the boarded up windows, I see nothing.  All looks peaceful.  Almost too peaceful.  Could this just be the calm before the real storm begins?

Splendid Isolation

     Splendid Isolation.  It's good in moderation.  It is useful to lock yourself away from the world every now and then.  It is healthy to spend some time alone with yourself.  Get to know yourself.  Make friends with yourself.  You are your own best friend.  In the end, you are all you have.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Post-Apocalypse #1

These will probably be posted out of order at times so the title numbers just refers to this being the first excerpt from the series to be posted not the actual first journal entry.

     It had been a long time between meals.  The meat on the old man's fire smelled wonderful.  Almost intoxicating.  But those bones could only come from one thing.
     "Monster!" I called him
     I had been raised with stories of what becomes of a man who consumes the flesh of another man.  "Ain't been out in the wastes too long have ya?"  came his calm reply.  "Out here it's about survival.  we eat all the animals.  What is a man really but just another animal?" 
     The gleam in his eye as he said that last bit set me running off into the darkness as far and as fast as my legs would carry me.  Afraid to stop or sleep for fear the old man or one like him might find me.   Anxious to be out of these infernal wastes and to find what was left of my home.

Phantom Stranger

     He hated driving through the desert.  No scenery.  Barely any other trucks.  No one around if things went wrong.  It was hard to stay awake even during the day and to top it off were all of the stories of strange happenings on the desert roads. 
     He wasn't a superstitious man, nor was he a non believer.  He supposed anything was possible.  A man can only hear so many weird stories before he begins to take them to heart.
     All of these thoughts were running through his head as he cruised through the hot desert night trying to find something besides static or religion on the radio. 
     Just as he looked up to check the road, vowing to get one of those satellite setups for his rig, he realized he wasn't along.  He could see someone out of the corner of his eye.  Knowing that panicking would mean crashing the truck and certain death, he forced himself to calm down.  Taking a deep breath, he stole a glance to his right.  It appeared as though he had picked up a passenger.  Unsure of what to do, he took another breath and turned his head to get a better look at this Phantom Rider.
     The ghostly figure looked to be in his fifties and wore a battered straw cowboy hat.  He didn't appear menacing so the driver kept driving.  He stole periodic glance to see if his passenger was still with him.  "so, where you headed stranger?" he asked a few miles down the road.  At the sound of the driver's voice, the phantom turned his head.  He broke out into a wide grin and gave a tip of his hat.  Before the driver's eyes he slowly faded away.
     It turns out that phantoms, like so many of us just want to be noticed.  


     So I'm listening to "Feels Like the First Time" and I am wondering to myself "why is this a god thing?"  I know the first time was a long time ago, but here are the facts as i remember them.
     The girls was very aggressive(probably due to the alcohol).  The angle was awkward.  And i thought I broke my dick or at least seriously sprained it. 
     Because it's the first time, you can't just yell out "AaaarrrggghhhI broke my dick!"  You have to be cool and manly and make those whimpers of pain seem like happy fun sounds.  So I'm not sure I would ever want it to feel like the first time again. 
     It is much better these days.  Since i am in a healthy, stable relationship, I have no problem telling my fiancee "hey stop bending it!" without fear of ridicule.

Feel free to leave your amusing first time stories in the comments section.  ;-)


Welcome.  Here you will find Snippets, Tidbits, Scenes and Scenarios that tumble from my crowded brain.  Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback.  Someday maybe these Fractured Visions will all come together but for now they remain mostly independent with the exception of the excerpts from my Post-apocalyptic journal in progress.