Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jericho Steel Chapter 2

Excerpt 2

After a fairly uneventful journey where we learned a bit about each other, my companions and I happened upon the village of Hirot and a young woman staked out as bait for someone or something called "The Hound". Deciding it was best not to interfere, we trekked on into the village for some much needed food and sleep. Mistaking us for hunters come to kill the hound, the locals gave us a history lesson. We learned of the founding of the village, of the great Ulfhoenar, and of the lottery that chose the hound's victims. It seemed that only the poor were ever chosen. This injustice needed to be stopped so we vowed to seek and destroy the hound the very next day.
In the local chapel, Zee(the Druid) saw a sacred hammer that she just had to procure. A night raid was planned. Nothing went according to that plan. As we were about to give in and call it a night, the fool Druid grabbed the hammer and ran. Naturally this set off alarms and called out the night watch leading to a scuffle. We were separated during our escape with only a couple of us making it outside the village gate.
Once reunited, we headed off in search of the hound and a weapon that might kill it. In the tomb of the Ulfhoenar, we found not only the weapon but the dead King himself. Dispatching the Ulfhoenar was no easy feat. I nearly paid another visit to that great hall of fallen warriors. It was also in this tomb that I would meet what would become my best friend, the noble sword Flame Tongue who fights by my side to this very day.
Taking little time to recover, we set out for the lair of the hound. The beast was no typical dog or wolf. It possessed some sort of magic that allowed it to transform into a dark mist and vanish at will. This combined with it's vicious teeth and claws made it a formidable opponent. Once again I was nearly introduced to the maker prematurely. The great hound fought us hard but finally fell and we returned to Hirot as conquering heroes.
After a few days of rest and recovery, with full purses as well, we once again took to the road. I left Hirot in the company of a lovely Dwarven lass.

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